B800P - Car Wheel Balancer with Automatic Non-Contact Data E

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Product Ref: B800P

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Product description:

Car wheel balancer of the new generation with touchscreen monitor and automatic non-contact data entry.

Key Features

  • High-productivity wheel balancer
  • Rim scanner for
    - automatic non-contact rim profiling
    - automatic selection of balancing mode and weight position
    - automatic acquisition of rim diameter and offset
  • Smart Sonar for automatic non-contact acquisition of rim width
  • Touchscreen monitor with graphical user interface PLATINUM – fast and very intuitive
  • easyWeight: Pinpoint laser light indicator to accurately and conveniently position adhesive weights on the wheel.
  • Torque-controlled Power Clamp device – fast and accurate clamping of the wheel
  • Stop-in-Position feature where the operator only has to touch the amount of unbalance on the screen and the wheel is automatically indexed to correction position
  • QuickBal for reduced measurement time:
    Short start-stop cycle time: 4.5 seconds (15" rim)
  • VPI measurement technique for uncompromised accuracy
  • Rim lighting to facilitate rim cleaning and speed up data entry and weight positioning
  • Imbalance minimisation and optimisation programs
  • Networking capability with the optional networking software
  • Compatible with asanetwork
  • Print-out with optional printer

Technical Features

max. diameter of centre bore diameter (mm) 43 - 116
Shaft diameter (mm) 40
Lenght of shaft (mm) 225
Measuring speed (rpm) 200
Monitor (") Touchscreen 19
Rim width (Inch) 1 - 20 / 3 - 15.8
Rim diameter (Inch) 14 - 26
Rim diameter - manual input (Inch) 8 - 32
Wheel width max. (mm) 508
Wheel diameter max. (mm) 1050
Wheel weight max. (kg) 70
Wheel distance input non-contact / scanner
Input of rim diameter non-contact / scanner
Input of rim width automatic
Power supply 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz
Width (mm) 1313
Depth (mm) 868
Height (mm) 1834
Weight (kg) 130
Noise level (dB (A)) < 70