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Beam Setters

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With now 20 years experience in the field of engine diagnostics and emission test control, CAPELEC has been able to follow the technological evolution of the automotive sector and proposes tools meeting perfectly with the needs and requirements of the professional.

Ergonomics, reliability, simplicity of use are the hallmark of our charter of development. This signature is to be found on each of the products designed by our engineers and marketed under Capalec and JMC brand names.

Remaining close to the professionals through an irreproachable service (telephone assistance and after sales service), advising and training is a priority for the group. We owe the privileged relations that we maintain with our customers to our will to meet with their requirements as they face both an evolving market and technology.

It is for all these reasons that Capalec today is a leading actor of the automotive sector.

Capalec is a partner of:

  • Vehicle testing centers,
  • Automotive repairers, dealers, agents, independent whorkshops, automotive parts suppliers,
  • Training centers,
  • Equipment manufacturers,
  • Car manufactures,
  • Automotive research centres..

As the requirements of mechanics are different from those of researches, all our equipment is disigned-to-measure.

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