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John Bean V3D1 Wheel Alignment System

John Bean V3D1 Wheel Alignment System

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John Bean V3D1 Wheel Alignment System

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The Visualiner 3D1 stands for reliable wheel alignment and premium design quality. Not only does it add to the professional appearance of your workshop, but it also improves productivity and performance levels.

Employing the 3D digital imaging technology the Visualiner 3D1 measures the vehicle's alignment in 3 dimensional space, thereby delivering absolute and more accurate data than conventional alignment systems. Measuring the vehicle's alignment in 3D also removes the dependence on the lift as an alignment reference plane.

Thanks to the intuitive user-friendly software the alignment process flows automatically guiding the operator with clear instructions and easy-to-understand colour graphics. The operator's intervention is required only for simple data inputs.

Visualiner 3D1 does not require conventional run-out compensation, therefore no jacking of the vehicle is required. Instead a simple time-saving operation called vehicle positioning is performed where the vehicle is rolled a short distance backwards and then forward.

Visualiner 3D1 aligns a car quicker than conventional alignment systems. The operator only has to enter some basic data, mount the four targets to the wheels, perform vehicle positioning and caster swing to get complete alignment readings within minutes.

Visualiner 3D1 has the most flexible and shortest positioning distance among aligners world-wide, which increases its flexibility and reduces investment into sophisticated expensive lifts.
Live graphic displays are shown when making adjustments on the vehicle, therefore eliminating the need for the time-consuming switching between screens.

Visualiner 3D1 is available with mobile camera lift, or with fixed camera beam, to suit the individual workshop requirement.

Our extensive service network and dedicated training centre guarantee a professional technical back-up, from initial product training right through to after-sales service and support.

Technical Features

Wheel aligners for cars with 3D Technology under Windows® operating system

  • Software with enhanced features and more convenient operation
  • Voice-controlled wheel alignment with optional VoiceAlign kit
  • Compatible to 14 different car-specific databases with setting aids for more than 5000 models each - available as optional extra
  • Customer database
  • One-man operator guidance
  • No wheel lifting for alignment and alignment in 4 operating steps only
  • No cables between targets and camera system
  • Direct input of vehicle specs for special cars is possible
  • Simultaneous reading of thrust line, toe-out on turns, S.A.I., caster, camber and toe on the monitor
  • Measurement of toe-out on turns and max. steering angle up to approx. 60
  • A4 colour printer
  • Power supply 230 V, 50/60 Hz


Standard Equipment

  • Movable camera beam support (lift)
  • 1 PC with Geo Pro 32 Bit non-premium software, vehicle specs, HDD, CD / DVD drive, floppy drive 3.5", optical mouse, USB 2.0 interface, network card
  • Operating system and keyboard
  • 17" Monitor
  • 1 Remote control unit
  • 1 Speaker assembly
  • 4 Targets (2 x front end, 2 x rear end)
  • 1 Mechanical wheel chock unit
  • 1 Camera beam left/right with CCD camera system
  • 1 A4 colour printer with data lead
  • 1 Steering wheel holder
  • 1 Brake pedal depressor
  • 1 Mobile cabinet

For the vehicle specs integrated into geoliner 670 Hofmann does not take over any warranty for discrepancies whatsoever from car makers specs.

Included Accessories

  • 28115 Pedal depressor assy
  • 4029004 Camera lift
  • 4029107 Wheel clamp kit front
  • 4029109 Wheel clamp kit rear

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