Easy Balance 7 Point 5kg Tub - 20400

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Product Ref: 20400

Was: €125.00

Price: €99.00

EasyBalance is a new alternative to wheel weights. A solution that continuously readjusts to the tyre wear, EasyBalance reduces tyre wear and consumption.

EasyBlanace gives:


  • Greater precision. Reduces tyre wear by up to 20% compared with conventional balancing
  • Continuously readjusts over the entire life of the tyre
  • Environmentally friendly natural product
  • Independently tested by DEKRA
  • Tyres and cases can be repaired and retreaded
  • No expensive balancing machines needed
  • Absorbs moisture, helps prevent corrosion of rims
Click here for a Dosage Table by Tyre Size information sheet
This product is a 7.5kg tub of EasyBalance balancing powder.