Haweka TA-20 Wheel Alignment System LM

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Product Ref: HTA-20LM

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Haweka TA-20 Wheel Alignment System LM

  • Accuracy
    All measurements are taken in the driven position - Therefore lifting of the axles to perform run-out compensation is no longer necessary.
  • Versatile
    Can be used on or off site - A level floor is not necessary as the unit can be calibrated to suit any work-place in just seconds.

  • Fast
    Quick clamps fitted as standard. The magnetic feet allow the operator to carry out a super quick alignment check. In general, all important angles can be measured in under 10 Minutes (Including set up time) an industry first! (Special no mar grab arms are included for Alloy rims).

  • Competent
    Measures all the following angles: Toe, Camber, Toe out on turns, Castor, Kin pin inclination angle, Axle off set, Axle parallelity chassis to axle square ness.

  • State of the Art
    The very latest electronic digital protrector is used for measuring camber, castor and SAI. Class 2 lasers give save and powerful beams so that the readings can always be seen, even in the direct sunlight.

  • Storage Trunk
    The heavy duty trunk with it’s durable wheels is not just portable, but acts as a means of keeping all items tidy thus protecting your investment. It includes an integrated battery charger for topping up the measuring heads batteries.


  • 2 pcs. Laser measuring heads with magnetic feet

  • 2 pcs. 20° scales

  • 2 pcs. Magnetic scales

  • 2 pcs. Turning plates

  • 2 pcs. Battery charger

  • 1 pcs. mobile instrument cabinet

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