MCX Radial Repairs Truck and Tractor - MCX20

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Product Ref: MCX 20

Was: €35.43

Price: €17.72

MCX20 - 75 x 125mm

Box Quantity = 10 units


MCX Radial Repairs may be used to repair injuries in the crown, shoulder or sidewall of radial tyres.

MCX are molded with a layer of specially compounded rubber that will vulcanise to a tyre or tube at room temperature when used with a chemical cement.  Can also be used in hot application.

Use with 608F Supersolution (thin, fast-drying), or 708F Heavy-Duty Solution (thicker), or 658F Maxibond Cement (thickest).

MCX Radial Repairs are tested more than 5 times that of a new tyre for performance, and outlast the life of the tyre.

Please Ensure:


  • ·         All MCX repair units must be used in conjunction with the correct injury-filler material.
  • ·         Local industry repair standards should be observed at all times.
  • ·         All tyres MUST be demounted and inspected before testing.