MSX Versacure Radial Passenger - MSX10HD

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Product Ref: MSX10HD

Was: €18.37

Price: €12.32

MSX10HD - 65 x 80mm

Box Quantity = 10 units


MSX Versacure are constructed using unique technology which means they exceed the demands of tyre manufacturers and retreaders.  MSXs deliver superior hot repair application performance when used with RS3F Rapid Solution, but may also be used in cold application with 658F Maxibond Cement.


MSX Versacure repairs are tested more than 5 times that of a new tyre for performance, are designed to last multiple retread cycles, outlast the life of the tyre, and have a greatly extended shelf-life.


MHX Heatcure and MFX Fabricure are also available upon request.


Please Ensure:

  • ·         All MSX repair units must be used in conjunction with the correct injury-filler material.
  • ·         Local industry repair standards should be observed at all times.
  • ·         All tyres MUST be demounted and inspected before testing.