Pin-Plug Repair Kit PPK

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Product Ref: PPK

Was: €59.99

Price: €46.19

Tech Europe is delighted to introduce the PPK Pin-Plug Repair Kit, a new workshop kit containing all the elements necessary for easily repairing nail-hole injuries.


Uni-Seal Ultra are constructed with thick grey cushion gum which prevents dimpling and results in better adhesion, and when applied correctly, using Tech tools and Vulcanising  Fluid, contained within the PPK kit, offer a strong, effective, and permanent repair.


Kit Contents:


  • 20 x 249W UL3 3mm Uni-Seal Ultra
  • 12 x 250UL UL6 6mm Uni-Seal Ultra
  • 5 x 766 20ml Tube Vulcanising Fluid
  • 1 x 40mm Coral Buffing Stone
  • 1 x 269 CC3 Carbide Cutter
  • 1 x 270 CC6 Carbide Cutter
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