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Product Ref: T6000 BS PLUS

Price: €0.00


The pneumatic tilt back post racing type tyre changer is the top of the line John Bean tyre changer that can handle wheels up to 26" diameter (optional up to 30").

  • Certified by wdk for gentle and user-friendly mounting and demounting of UHP and run-flat tyres in line with OEM specifications

  • With pneumatic mounting tool MH 320 pro and "plus" kit (standard equipment) for handling of UHP and run-flat tyre systems (additional optional adaptors required for PAX and CSR tyres)

  • With optional jaws for wheels of up to 30" diameter

  • One-part mounting head vertically and laterally adjustable in spaced-apart position relative to the rim

  • Double-acting bead breaker cylinder

  • Machine post tilted backwards / forwards upon pedal operation (pneumatic) and pneumatically locked in working position

  • Inverter technology for two turntable speeds optimises torque and speed depending on the requirements of mounting and demounting operations

  • Roller-supported horizontal arm

  • Self-centring four-jaw turntable controlled via two clamping cylinders for correct clamping of the wheel

  • Plastic protection inside jaws and on mounting head to avoid damage to alloy rims

  • Bead breaker arm adjustable in two positions

  • Large bead breaker blade, supported in three joints

  • Pedal-controlled inflator

  • Ergonomic user-friendly position of pedals

  • Tool box with integrated precision pressure gauge

  • Including servicing unit, WAVE tyre lever, plastic protections for mounting head, steel roll, plastic protections for jaws, plastic rim protection, roller board, quick exchange device for steel and plastic mounting heads

  • Top-side bead seating kit

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