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Product Ref: MANU-FIT

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No need to fiddle around anymore !

The Manu-fit is equipped with a mechanical fixing plate with pre-positioning of the claws. This makes it possible to quickly secure an excellent grip of the wheel at a comfortable work height. With its 4'' to 21'' capacity, there are not many car, motorcycle, quad, kart ... and even aircraft wheels that are out reach for this little manual tyre-changer.

The different centre axles will provide a stable support adapted to all the centre bores available on the market.

Its mounting/dismounting lever has been completely revised to reduce stress and make it as easy to handle as possible.

The Manu-fit C is fitted with a leg equipped with a three-step manual bead breaker.

The Manu-fit A is to be considered as an accessory to the Opti-fit and the Pro-fit, extending their functions to deal with smaller rims.