Trolley lift-610 70 150

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Product Ref: Trolley lift

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Trolly lift     *610 70 150*


H: 530 mm
W: 430 mm
L: 1100 mm                 


Max four wheels on Ahcon Wheel Trolley
Max weight: 120 kg

Lifting height: 0 - 650 mm

Available in following three RAL colours:

3002 - Red
5015 - Blue
9006 - Grey

Ahcon has developed a semiautomatic Trolley lift, which can lift the practical Relax wheel trolley including four wheels. Trolley lift has a special designed lifting device, which fits in under the wheel trolley. By activating the foot pedal the wheel trolley and the wheel lifts up in the wanted height, for an example that fits for the Bead Breaker BBRT 900.


The trolley lift operates like this; the wheel trolley with the wheel on it, then it rolls on to the lifting device. With a light push on the foot pedal the lift is controlled, and the trolley with the wheel lifts up in the optimized working height, however max. 650 mm. From here the wheel can easily be lifted over on to the Bead Breaker.


The wheel lift spares the mechanic from unnecessary lifts, and avoids wearing bending in the back and the knee. With one push on the foot pedal the wheel is lifted op in the wanted working position, so that it easily can be brought further to the next function in the work flow.


The lift up to of four wheels at time is controlled step less up and down by foot pedals.


The Trolley lift helps out with the performance and makes the work more efficient, as the lift lifts up to four wheels at time.