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Teseo Compressed Air Systems

Teseo Compressed Air Systems

TESEO, founded in 1988, immediately began to prove the worldwide market its character in pioneering, innovative and creative ability, capable of developing exclusive products and patenting several technological solutions. At the beginning of 90’s it was the first company worldwide to develop a modular aluminium pipework for the distribution of compressed air.

Today such systems are internationally appreciated for the distribution of fluid energy such as compressed air and vacuum, both for small laboratories and large industry.

The modular profile by TESEO have been installed in numerous applications, and can count on several important references: automotive, textile, mechanical, automation and many others.

TESEO follows the whole production process of its products, and takes care of every step from the designing the manufacturing of the finished component, through a network of selected partner companies. From the main factory in Italy the product is then distributed by a worldwide sales organization.

Quality and safety are fundamental points for TESEO and are assured by its own Quality Management System according to ISO 9001, and by a specific philosophy on design, development and testing.
The piping systems are built respecting the safety requirements prescribed by several norms and are certified by different international laboratories.

Besides the production and selling of the products, TESEO also supports its own partners and customers through designing and sizing of air lines, the developing of customized solutions for machines and production lines, consulting on inquiries and technical training, supervision during the installation and testing of the systems.

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