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The charging of the accumulators is carried out in floating operation in order to avoid an overcharge of the accumulators. Herewith a continuous operation is granted. The durability of the accumulators is specified by the manufacturer. The data transfer station is electrically firmly linked with the vehicle gauging unit via connector power pack and data transfer line. When the inclinometer is placed onto the data transfer and charging station, the electrical contact is made to the vehicle gauging unit. The data transmission is effected automatically after actuating the key „memory“. After the data transmission has been carried out, it is indicated on the display of the inclinometer and at the same time the memorised data are deleted in the inclinometer. Only those data memorised via „Save“ are transferred. If by error a measuring value has not been registered, i.e. not been memorised via „Save“, it has to be remeasured once again at the measuring place, memorised via „Save“ and be transferred again to the PC or the vehicle gauging unit by actuating the key „Memory“.

LED red luminous: Mains connection existing
LED yellow luminous: Contact connection between inclinometer and
data transfer and charging station is in order
LED green blinking: Accumulator charging procedure
LED green luminous: Accumulator charging procedure finished
LED green off: Accumulator charged (no charging procedure required).

Technical Data:
Current consumption: approx. 1 Ampere
Working temperature: 0 – 70 degrees (drying chamber)
Interface: RS232,19200 Baud
Data transfer line: D-Sub computer plug connector cable (9-pole, male)
Mains connection: Connector power pack
Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm: 120 x 200 x 120
Weight: approx. 2.0 kg