Hofmann Safelane Pro II-Analog-PC Test Lane

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Product Ref: Safelane Pro II

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Hofmann Safelane Pro II/Analog/PC Test Lane


Perfectly designed in every minute detail the safelane pro II modular test lane is based on Microsoft standard software and guarantees the flexibility to cope with future trends at highest level. When developing the latest generation of safelane pro test equipment Hofmann laid greatest emphasis on a simple adjustment to the future trends in the field of garage equipment.

This was the reason to choose Microsoft standard software as a basis for the new generation of equipment. At those standards are widely spread throughout the world and considering the wide range of features inherent in MS Windows the machines and equipment of the latest generation are easily integrated into most data networks without much effort, no matter if only the brake tester or the entire test Lane is concerned.


Test lane for cars and light trucks for check-in and technical inspections 



  • Side-slip measurement

  • Suspension test in lane with EUSAMA

  • Brake test

  • Input of visual deficiencies

  • Central unit with controller

  • Manual, automatic and fully automatic test sequence

  • Data base function

  • Data terminal and PC network software

  • Easy network integration via Microsoft standard software

  • All built-in units galvanized

  • Power supply 3/PE 380 V 50 Hz

  • The foundation frame is not part of the standard equipment, but has to be provided at customer’s charge and liability

  • Compatible to ASA network


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