Hofmann Safelane Truck Test Lane

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Product Ref: Safelane Truck

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Hofmann Safelane Truck Test Lane


A test lane to cope with the challenges of the future the modular system of safelane truck meets every customer’s requirements. Utmost flexibility of the components makes it possible to respond to a large variety of individual needs. No problem to add retrofits with might become necessary, for instance when official regulations change.





Solid mechanical engineering has been combined with precision sensor technique which proved well in long-term tests. This is the sound mixture the safelane truck is made of. Rugged roller coasting guarantee long life. Splash-proof motors allow use in harsh environment and at any time of the year. No need to emphasis that all roller sets are fully galvanished. Braking force and axle load sensors have undergone long-term tests and proved best for use in brake testers.



Convenient operation


No matter if the test lane is controlled without PC, or if the PC software is used, operation is simple and easily understood.




Test lane for trucks up to 18 metric tons



  • PC with hard disc, CD ROM, keyboard, mouse, operating system, completely installed and prepared for connection to control unit

  • Software for safelane truck (in line with German MOT requirements)

  • Detection of all customer data

  • Customer database

  • Easy-to-understand symbols and operator guidance

  • Various colour prints for different features

  • Graphical prints (braking graphs)

  • Retrofit with analogue meter

  • Compatible to ASA network


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