OMER 4.5T Kar Electro-hydraulic Lift

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KAR 45

Kar 45, the new vertical electro-hydraulic lift for alignment purposes.
The lift has a capacity of 4500 kg. (9900 lbs).


N - Standard runway, no accessories
CA - Front recess on runways for turn plates and/or playdetectors
CT - Total convergence version with front recess on runways and rear slip plates
LT - Lift Table version to free up the vehicle wheels



From the wide O.ME.R. know–how of the Vega range born the Kar 45, the new vertical electro-hydraulic lift for alignment purposes (internationally patented), which offers max. stability and preciseness during the convergence phase.
The special frame of the lift and its four fixed joint-legs offer a perfectly firmed run- way in any loading condition.
Max. movement’s freedom under platforms and around the lift is granted from the structure without base and without connections on the floor.
It is perfectly stable even with unbalanced loading thanks to an innovative
mechanical hydraulic system. The torsion bar is now positioned within the control unit letting the base of the lift completly free of encumbrances. This system has always granted a perfect complanarity between runways without using any electronic device.
An innovative system of shock absorber (ASO) cancels the normal flexions
due to the loading avoiding mechanical stress on the legs and promoting a longer working life.
The new KAR 45 is equipped with a platform of 5.000 mm available either in
the “N” version with smooth runway than in the “CT/LT” version with front recess, rear slip plates and lift table to free up the wheels with capacity of 4.000 kg.


• Lift Capacity: 4.500 kg

• Runway lenght: 5. 000 mm standard

• Collapsed Height = 210 mm (in the N version) –260 mm (in the CT/LT version)

• Available in the flush mount and above ground version

• LT Capacity: 4.000 kg

• LT platforms lenght: from 1.900 mm to 2.100 mm (capacity reduced to 3.500 Kg)

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