OMER Fly 3T Scissor Lift

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Product Ref: Fly Q30

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Fly Q30

Electro-hydraulic double scissor lift designed and made for the new city car introduced in the market




After months of test and careful checks the new model extra low profile, has been obtaining the prestigious Toyota homologation. The lift has been designed in OMER and subsequently has been proven for 6 months in the central factory of Toyota in Rome, where won all trial test. It will be used with the famous IQ, the new city car, born in the prestigious Japanese Automotive Company. The lift has dimensions extremely reduced and the possibility to be flush mounted, futures like these make it “ideal” to optimise at most the place in the workshop and to execute easi- ly and with promptness several reconditions such us: the change of the tyres, of the brake pads, of the shock absorbers, of the exhaust system, etc. The capacity is of 3.000 kg and the presence of the removable extensions of 560 mm makes it extremely well versed allowing to lift vehicles of reduced dimensions as well as SUV and other “light industrial vehicles”


Lift capacity: 3.000 Kg

Runway Length: 1.320 mm

Maximum workability in the working-area. It grants maximum freedom of movement with the lift fully raised as well as with the lift completely collapsed, due to the free space between the runways (no torsion bar)

Reduced space in the above ground version; minimum building works in the flush mount version, thanks to a height of only 110 mm

Extreme versatility of use, thanks to a removable extensions of 560 mm, which allows to work with long wheelbase vehicles

Perfect stability of use achieved with Master –Slave Cylinders with double crossed Volumetric Hydraulic circuit

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