Vertex Coupling and Standard Adaptor Air Tool Hose - HA2129

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Product Ref: HA2129

Price: €65.00

PCL's 8mm (5/16") and 10mm (5/16") air hose is a Rubber PVC Alloy (PTE) compound; it looks and feels like rubber but doesn't have the downsides associated with rubber.

Available in popular cut lengths complete with Vertex Coupling and Standard Adaptor ends, thereby saving you time and the need for expensive crimping equipment.

Just plug in and go.


Key Product Benefits

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good flexibility and kink resistant
  • Resistance to oil and fuels
  • Silicone free


Working pressure @ 20°C 300lbf/in² 21bar
Burst Pressure 63bar 3:1 safety factor
Temperature Range -10°C to 60°C  
  Please note - an increase in temperature above 20°C will affect the working pressure quoted above.  


Product Options

Part No.DescriptionHose IDHose ODHose LengthHose Fittings
HA2133 3/8" Air Tool Hose 10mm (3/8") 17mm 5m Vertex Coupling & Standard Adaptor
HA2134 3/8" Air Tool Hose 10mm (3/8") 17mm 10m Vertex Coupling & Standard Adaptor
HA2139 3/8" Air Tool Hose 10mm (3/8") 17mm 15m Vertex Coupling & Standard Adaptor
HA2129 3/8" Air Tool Hose 10mm (3/8") 17mm 20m Vertex Coupling & Standard Adaptor