Ahcon Bead Breaker

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Product Ref: Bead Breaker

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BBRT 700       * 610 12 100*

BBRT 900       *610 12 140*

BBRT 900XL   *610 12 150*


H: 1350 mm
W: 780 mm
L: 1300 mm


Max tyre diameter: 950 mm
Max rim width: BBRT 700/900  12"    BBRT 900 XL  14"

Available in three RAL colours:

3002 - Red
5015 - Blue
9006 - Grey

A central part in Ahcons optimized ESI-workflow are those semiautomatic Bead Breakers. With Ahcons Bead
Breaker, the work goes with pressing the tire free of the rim horizontal - and it provides far less damage to the rim and a much better working position than by traditional vertical Bead Breaker. The Bead Breaker can be delivered in three versions. BBRT 900 / 900 XL are the luxury versions with functional tool box and a hold on arm, which provides resistance to the alloy rim. The only difference between these two models are that the BBRT 900 XL can take wheels up to 14" in width, whereas the BBRT 900 can only take wheels up to 12" in width. The basic editions BBRT 700 are delivered without these. Both editions have two height settings and one functional wheel turning plate. The Bead Breaker is suitable for personal- and van Tires.


Ahcon BBRT 700 / 900 / 900 XL presses the tyre free of the rim in the gentlest way possible. Only about 1150 Kp. The unique shape and movability of the pressure plate does such, that the tire is affected just exactly there, where the tire is estimated to be pressed free to avoid any pressure damage.


With Ahcons horizontal Bead Breaker the time is over to stand bent forward, when at time there is a little bit of heavy work releasing the tire of the rim. The work with the Bead Breaker takes place with a straight back and without any lifting. The wheel turning plate ensures so that you easily and without any difficulty can turn the wheel during the work – without having to lift the whole weight of the wheel itself. With the Bead Breaker you are avoiding strain and damage to the back and knees – and thereby you are optimizing the ergonomic working environment.


With the BBRT Bead Breaker from Ahcon the releasing of the tire takes place safely, so that any pressure damages on the tires bead is avoided.


Ahcons Bead Breaker is first and foremost a innovative and ground breaking product, because the work with pressing the tire free of the rim takes place horizontally. Here by you are achieving an optimizing working position but also an optimizing overview in the work – which brings much less damage to the rim. Ahcon’s Bead Breaker is in other ways the most optimizing and modern way to press the tire free of the rim.