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Centering lift WCL 500


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WCL 500    *620 25 470*

WCL 700    *620 25 450*


H: 335 mm
W: 680mm
L: 1360 mm 

Incl. 1000 mm lifting rail:                   


Max tyre diameter:900 mm
Max rim width: 12″
Max weight: 65 kg                         

Available in following three RAL colours:

3002 – Red
5015 – Blue
9006 – Grey

Ahcon produces two semi-automatic wheel centering lifts, WCL 500 and WCL 700, for passenger cars, vans and light truck wheels that are an important part of the optimal ESI workflow in the workshop. Centering lifts ensures “weightless” clamping of the wheel balancing machines shaft and fits the most balance machines.

WCL 700 is the advanced version as the only one on the market is self-adjusting to the altitude. Once a day, set the machine and then hit the height of balancing machine with 100% accuracy. WCL 500 is the base model. It is not self-adjusting, and therefore requires that the mechanic himself is aware of hitting the correct height for the balance machine. The Centering lift can also be used in Ahcon Speed Line systems with dispensing system.


Roll the wheel up on the turntable and assets then the foot pedal to lift the wheel. If the wheel comes via the roller table, activate the foot pedal for lifting and lowering the wheel down from the cart. Then turn the wheel so that it is oriented correctly and align to the wheel weight with the joystick on the control panel. The wheel is now being “weightless” over balancing machine shaft and is ready for clamping. When the wheel is properly clamped, lower the wheel by pressing the foot pedal so that the wheel can rotate freely.


The Centering Lift is a big help in the workflow, as they for they for the most part deal with the heavy lift of the wheel and at the same time supports it, until the wheel is clamped on the balancing machine. On the turn plate turn the wheel in position and with the foot pedal lift the wheel up in the correct height in accordance to the balancing machine. This avoids bending and twisting of the spine.


Centering lifts have a control valve to the cylinder, which is controlled by a pressure tank, such that the lift is always related to the wheel’s weight. Centering lifters are also designed so that you cannot be hurt by normal use of the machine if the instructions are followed.


The Centering lift has a built-in “memory” and remembers the last built up pressure in the tank and thus the wheel weight. Model WCL 700 is self-adjusting, so that it always hits the balancing machine 100% accurate.