Inflation station IT 500

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Product Ref: Inflation station

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IT 500    *551 05 550*

IT 700    *551 10 750*

IT 900    *552 10 750*


IT 500/700 IT 900
H: 1670 mm H: 1670mm
W: 1020 mm W: 1090 mm
L: 890 mm L: 1020 mm



Max wheel diameter: 900 mm
Max wheel width: 430 mm
Max weight: 65kg 

IT 900 is available in following RAL colours:

3002 - Red
5015 - Blue
9006 - Grey


Ahcon produces safety inflation stations for inflating of car, van and light truck tires up to 7 barsThey are
simply an indispensable part of a professional tire work shop - both in terms of optimizing the ESIworkflow and in terms of ergonomics and safetyFor pumping stations IT 700 and 900, there is usedthe user-friendly
pump computers Ahcon PCI 6200 and CI 5000. Forpumping station IT 500 there is used the pumpcomputer Ahcon PCI 1000. It is also possible to useOmega Jet System 13-19'' with lift cylinder and the spring holder for the hose.

Pump stations are available in three variations: The model IT 900, 700 and 500, all three roll tables and safety gates. Model IT 900 is equipped with a safety gate on the left side and safety curtain on the right side. Both model IT 500 and 700 are supplied without these. All three models can be used as individual safety pumping portals or as an integrated part of an Ahcon Speed Line System.


For model IT 900: For model IT 900: When the wheel is removed from the vehicle and lifted onto the roll table, open the door to the pumping station by pulling the handle. Then roll the wheel into position and pump nipple mounted on the wheels valve. Close the door again. Pump computers than adjusted and activate. When the wheel is finished pumping, it is carried out through the plastic curtain. The process is the same for model IT 500 and 700, but not in terms of security door and curtain If the Omega Jet System is used for the pumping, the process is controlled thru the control panel. By operating the joystick the wheel is lifted in the desired position. Then the wheel is rolled into position with the hub hole of the lift cylinder with cone. Pump nipple is mounted. Then lift the wheel to the desired position and the door is closed (IT 900). Press start on the pump computer. Press the two activation buttons simultaneously. Omega Jet System sets a value with approx. 200 liters of air above the wheel (10 bar x 20 L). The tire sets in place. Then lower the wheel down and wait for inflation. When the computer reports OK, than the wheel is ready for the next step in the process.


The entire pump station with roller table and security portal has been developed, so that the mechanic is in a comfortable position throughout the process. The heavy wheels are rolled forward through the roll table and lifting devices provide the heavy lifting. This avoids the continuous load of and damage to the spine and knees.


The Pump portal is made with polycarbonate on the front and security expanded metal at the top as additional security for possible bursting of tires or tire that bounces off the rim due to improper fit. If the portal uses Omega Jet System, than this function can only be triggered, if the mechanic has both hands outside the cage / portal. This calls for both hands free to activate the system. The pumping station is designed so that you cannot be hurt by normal use of the machine, if instructions are followed.


The computer-controlled pumping ensures that the tires quickly and accurately get the correct pressure. The pump station provides a systematic and efficient workflow - especially if the portal uses the Omega Jet System.