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Product Ref: V3400

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Wireless system provides flexible installation, usage and mobility options. Patented digital camera tracking automatically adjusts to the height of the vehicle.

  • Bluetooth communication eliminates wires, eases installation and maximises mobility

  • Professional results and high productivity

  • Improved DigiSmart technology allows the new high-resolution cameras to automatically, quickly and accurately track the targets

  • 3-Camera design is ideal for installation in drive-through bays

  • High-end control terminal with embedded PC

  • 24” flat-screen monitor

  • New small and lightweight XD targets

  • Universal wheel clamps (AC100) with rim clamping range 11" - 22"

  • Pro42 PLATINUM user software: a high-resolution ICON-based software program, with ALL the required functions in a one-touch program format, to provide unique DIAGNOSTIC information

  • Measurement features such as camber, caster, toe, max. steering angle, rolling radius, and cross diagonal measurement

  • ProAckermann, caster trail, scrub radius, and SAI

  • A-arm adjust

  • Cradle adjust

  • EZ Toe for easy toe adjustment of adjustment points difficult to access

  • EZ Access for measurement with demounted wheels

  • Quick alignment with audit print-out

  • Complete and up-to-date OEM specs

  • Integrated OEM procedures

  • Easy installation and flexible configuration

  • TIP (Target Imaging Pointer) for ride height measurement

  • Optional drive-on camera for easy positioning of the vehicle on the lift

  • Convenient mobility with optional mobility kit