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Rotary Double Scissor Lift DS35HG


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The low-profile double scissor lift DS35 was especially designed for the servicing area. The surface-mounted construction and the foundation-free design allow flexible selection of the location.?

  • The built-in emergency lowering device enables lowering in case of emergencies. Operation is carried out at a safe distance, from the control console.
  • The fully hydraulic system with integrated self-bleeding ensures reliable functionality even in dirty Environments.
  • The standard CE stop ensures foot protection without a foot deflector. This also makes in-ground installation possible.
  • The low clearance height of the lift allows vehicles to be supported with little ground clearance.
  • All hydraulic cylinders are screwable. This increases the ease of maintenance.
  • Solid push buttons provide for safe operation of the lift.
  • Documents or tablet computers can be placed onto the integrated tray option. Also perfectly suited as a writing board.
  • The operation console has a preinstalled hydraulic unit, factory fitted onto the lift, and thus enables easy installation. It can be positioned on the left or on the right.
  • In matters of rust protection, long life comes first – including standard wet galvanizing with additional powder coating.
  • The DS35 has platform extensions that can be folded out to both sides and can be locked easily for flexible lifting of small as well as large vehicles.
  • The double master-slave hydraulic system with a total of 4 lifting cylinders eliminates the need for additional safety pawls. Double the safety, thus preventing one-sided lifting or lowering.
  • The control unit is equipped with a pressure gauge as standard and thus effectively supports installation and fault diagnosis. A small detail with a big impact.