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Safety Inflation Cage for Truck Tyres


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Dimensions and use:

IC1 Simplex           *151 05 253*

IC1 Duplex            *151 07 253*

H: 1360mm
W: 690mm
L: 1350mm

Max tyre diameter: 1200mm
Max wheel width: 530mm

IC1 UNI Simplex    *151 10 273*

IC1 UNI Duplex     *151 14 273*

H: 1360mm
W: 690mm
L: 1350mm

Max tyre diameter: 1200mm
Max wheel width: 530mm 

UNI XL Simplex     *151 15 273*

UNI XL Duplex      *151 16 273

H: 1360mm
W: 890mm
L: 1305mm

Max tyre diameter: 1230mm
Max wheel width: 650mm 


One of the most famous products from Ahcon is the safety inflation cages, which are used for individualsafe inflation of truck tires with or without over pressure.

IC1 UNI is the base model, a full inflation cage withsafety switches in the doorroll-out system side,support wheels and Emergency emptying systemwith 10 meter cable and switchIC UNI XL is the great model for
 truck wheels, which also features a side doorwith a safety switch.

Both can be used with the Omega Jet System. Safety inflationcages can be used with Ahconinflation computers PCI 7200 and CI 5000. The twosafety cages can also be supplied without the inflation computers for manual inflation.



First open the door to the cage, roll the wheel in and place on the rollers with the valve facing the side door. Be sure to close the door securely. Now open the side door and mount the nipple / clutch on the valve. Side supports to be adjusted and the height of the Omega Jet Ring adjusted to the rim. Set the Inflation computer and enable it. By activating the Omega Jet System, there is released 50 liters of air at 1/100 sec. Consequently, use approved hearing protection. When the wheel is pumped up, press the foot pedal and the integrated deployment system will tilt the rear roller, so that the wheel itself rolls out. The wheel is then ready for balancing and mounting.


The Safety Cages are designed so that the mechanic avoids inadequate bending and twisting of the spine. The heavy wheels roll into the cages and all switches are in a user friendly height. When the wheels are inflated, provides a deployment system for the wheel so that it rolls out of the cage. This avoids the continuous load of and damage to the spine and knees.


Safety cages are available as simplex and duplex. Simplex has 1 layer of protection expanded metal to protect against fragments of a blowout. Duplex has 2 layers of protection expanded metal, partly inverts the shock wave and protects against fragments of a blowout. A complete safety cage is equipped with safety switches in the doors. This means that the inflation can take place only when the doors are closed. Safety cages are also designed so that you cannot be hurt by normal use of the machine, if instructions are followed.


If you choose inflation that is computer controlled, by using PCI 7200 and CI 5000 it ensures that the tires quickly and accurately, get the correct pressure. If you are using the Omega Jet system it only ensures one.