Vario lift wheel lifting table

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Product Ref: Vario lift

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VL 700  (op/ned)   * 900 99 021*

VL 900  (side tip)  *900 99 025*


H: 700 mm
W: 700 mm
L: 1600 mm


Max tyre diameter: 950 mm
Max rim width: 12"
Max weight: 65 kg
Lifting height: 480 mm

Available in following three RAL colours:

3002 - Red
5015 - Blue
9006 - Grey

The solid Vario Lift wheel lift tables, VL 700 and VL 900, provides a safe lifting and conveying wheel from tire
changing machine to pump portal. VL 700 is specially designed with a lifting angel of 25 ° to match the "Butler". VL 900 is developed with horizontal lifting, making it match able with most tire changing machines
with centering clamping, "Center Clamping". Both models can be advantageously used in connection with Ahcon Speed Line System.


First of all, it is important to make sure that tire machine is centered relative to the rollers - and then to test in relation to the raised position. On the VL 700 the wheel is lifted free, at an angle of 25°. In the case of the VL 900, the wheel is lifted horizontal. Lifting feature on both models is activated by a foot pedal. When the wheel is lifted free, it's easy to push away from the lifting part and on to the roll table.


With the Vario wheel lifting table the heavy lifting is eliminated and twisting in the back completely, as lifting function itself functions semiautomatic by help from a foot pedal.


The foot pedal which is used to operate the wheel lifting table is equipped with an cover. It means that you cannot operate the by any mistakes. The wheel lifting table is also constructed in a way, so that one cannot get hurt by normal use of the machine, as long as the instructions manual is followed.


VL 710 is constructed to the ”Butler” assembling machine, which secures full share of the “Butler” patented clamping system.