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Wheelax Wheel Trolley


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Wheeltrolley    *63001CKWT*


Ø: 630 mm


MAX: 120Kg.


The brilliant Wheelax wheel trolley is designed to transport wheels and tyres around the workshop. The Wheel Trolley has a low weight, but can carry up to 120 kg. It is intended for the loading of 4 wheels or up to 8 tyres. The Trolley is also suitable as a temporary storage solution.  When the Trolleys are not in use, they can be stacked, so they do not take up too much room in the workshop. The Wheelax Wheel Trolley is also compatible with Ahcon Tyre Caddy.


The Wheel trolley is brought over to the car, where the four wheels are stacked. The trolleys loaded with wheels now have a height which is extra easy and manageable to carry around in the workshop or out of the warehouse. Should the wheels need to be transported over long distances for example over a courtyard, can trolley and the wheels be lifted together with the compatible Tyre Caddy.


The Wheelax Wheel Trolley has a low own weight and is very handy and can carry up to 120 kg. The smooth runing wheels are making it easy to push the Wheel Trolley around in the workhop even when it is loaded with 4 heavy duty wheels. The Wheel Trolley is ideal to move the wheels of the car over to for example to the Wheel Lift in the ESI-Workflow.


The Wheel Trolley is designed to carry up to 120 kg. On each of the wheels there are some bearings and they all have a load value of 40 kg. It ensures a safe transport in the workshop.


The Wheel trolley has an internal space in the middle for the storage of bolts. The Trolley is also designed, so that it is stackable and not take too much room in the workshop, when it is not in use. Despite the own low weight, Wheelax Wheel Trolley can load up to 120 kg.